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We cordially Welcome you


to Be a part of our Wollmeise Yarn Club.

We invite you to feel as brave, courageous, headstrong, gifted, special and extraordinary

as the 4 women, who are the theme of our Yarn Club!


What is the Wollmeise Yarn Club?

In 2017, I would like to invite you to join us for a thrilling knitting adventure. Let yourself be swept into past decades, learn about unusual life-stories and find yourself drawn into their worlds.

Your Wollmeise


sadly, the wollmeise yarn club has come to an end

Thank you very much for ordering our unique Wollmeise Yarn Club! Unfortunately, the Wollmeise Yarn Club has come to an end but we're convinced it was a great deal of joy and entertainment for you. Maybe we'll see you soon on this website with new projects... Stay tuned! 


our mission

We would like to make you enthusiastic about our unique quality yarns and take you along into our world of extraordinary hand-dyeds