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what you can expect


This is Included in your Wollmeise Yarn Club (WYC) subscription

Expect to open every package with eager anticipation and a desire to start knitting right away. As we have said before, your whole subscription is subject to a theme. In this context, each of your four deliveries will describe life and character of one of our four selected women. This way you will get a story coming to life through the designs, the specially hand-dyed skeins of yarn, and the mark of quality. We will sweep you into the flair of the past and inspire you to create your very own modern piece of knitted art.

One Pullover, two shawls one cardigan

In total you will get four skeins of Pure, two skeins of Lace-Garn and two skeins of Blend. We will not tell you their sequence yet, we don't want to spoil the surprise, :-)! We'll tell you only this much: You will be invited to knit a cardigan, a pullover and two shawls in multi-colored, and semi-solid (all new!) colorways.

To inspire you even more, we have developed a few useful extras for this exclusive club, including our own little label with the club logo. This way, you can enhance your finished knitted pieces with the exclusive club brand that is available only from the Wollmeise Yarn Club. But that's not all. In addition, you may also look forward to other small surprises that we will add to the packages, just for you.

You are not alone

We will be at your side throughout the year. On www.wollmeiseyarnclub.com you will regularly find news about your subscription and your four deliveries. So please drop by here for news and inspiration every now and then.

There will also be our own group in Ravelry: www.ravelry.com/groups/wollmeise-yarn-club. Here you may ask for help if you have any problems with your knitting, and you can exchange ideas with fellow knitters.

Finally, we are planning a Wollmeise Yarn Club meeting in order to catch up and and share your knitting experiences with other club enthusiasts. Date and time will be announced on our news page.